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Our Journals are informative, rendering significant thoughts to structure a vital and valuable academia and highly acclaimed by the Education Community.
We aim at spreading our wings to newer streams to disseminate knowledge and promote research. The ISSN no. is 0975-2641.
The Journal is issued annualy.

For Subscription:

• Contact the Head of the Institution or Librarian.
• Online orders within India are also accepted

Contact details of the Chief Editor :
Dr. Debashis Dhar, Associate Professor,
Gopal Chandra Memorial College of Education, P.O.: New Barrackpur, Kolkata-700131
E-mail:,,Land Line-033 25676509

Contact details of the  Editors
Dr. M. Das, Ex-Associate Professor & Dr.P.Bandyapadhyay  Associate Professor
Gopal Chandra Memorial College of Education, P.O.: New Barrackpur, Kolkata-700131
E-mail:,,Land Line-033 25676509
 Contact details of the Head of the Institution:
                 Dr. Shreyashi Paltasing, Principal
                 Tel. No. +91 33 2567 2826
Contact details of the Librarian:
                 Mr. Prasanta Kumar Mondal
                 Tel. No. +91 33 2567 5823

Information for Authors:
a)  An Editorial Board consisting of eminent educational professionals is there to assist the Editor in bringing out the ISSN Journal.
The Journal accepts full-scale research papers, book reviews, articles, proceedings, special lecturers, etc. are published according to their merit and space at disposal.
c)  Author(s) must submit a duly signed declaration regarding the originality of the paper.
d)  Two copies of paper, preferably within 5000 words, typed double-spaced on one side of A4 size paper should be submitted. Each article must be accompanied with address & e-mail of the author(s) , Keywords and an abstract preferably not exceeding 150 words. Illustration should be submitted in original .
e)  References to literature should be numbered consecutively and arrange according to the surname of the authors.
f)  Manuscript on CD inputted preferably in MS-Word or Page Maker are accepted if accompanied with a legible printout.

g) Ten reprints of any paper published in the Journal are supplied free to authors. Additional reprints are also supplied at cost price on prior information.

h) Manuscripts are accepted with the understanding that they have not been and are not to be published elsewhere.

i)  The Editorial Board will not be held responsible for the opinions expressed by the Author(s).

Complete Guidelines to the Reviewers:
The undermentioned guidelines are not to curtail the freedom of the Reviewer. They merely suggest the essential parameters of the review.

The Review is expected to contain the following:
1. A brief introduction to the field, or, as the case may be, the area of a field ,to which the book under review belongs.The introduction will lay emphasis on the status of the development in the field/area of the field, and indicate the link of the book to the state development.
2. The purpose of the book as stated in the preface /introduction, and assessment as to how for the purpose/aim is evident in the text.
3. A gist of the contents of the book; the specific subject matter/topics dealt with; assessments as to the extent and coverage; noticeable lacuna/lacunae in the contents.
4. An account of the treatment and exposition of the subject matter/topics and assessment as to how far the treatment aims at an inextension study or an in-depth study  or both. Comments on the exposition.
5. Besides assessments specifically in respect of items 2,3,& 4 mentioned above, a general assessment of the merits and limitations of the journal as a whole.
6. The assessments/comments should be, as far as possible, objective, that is, based on the evidence of the text of the book under review.
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