Academics - Academics - Notes
• Fees are collected as fixed by the Governing Body of our College and it is notified in the prospectus later.

• Ragging is strictly prohibited. If any incident on ragging comes to the notice of the Principal, the necessary action is taken as per the regulations of the West Bengal State University/Government of West Bengal.

• Further instructions on any changes in B.Ed. regulations will be provided after notification by the Government of West Bengal/University/NCTE.

• College regulations are displayed and announced in the College Notice Board, Online in Website and through Advertisement in the daily news papers at the time of admission.

• The students are required to wear shirt and paint for boys or salwar along with orna/saree for girls on working days.

• Admissions for B.Ed. course begin on the month of March/April and session starts from 1st July every year.

Curricular Aspect:

Curriculum Design and Development is one of the procedures which is closely linked to the quality assurance. The Board of Studies of University Working Group therefore develop a “Hand Book for Curriculum Design and Development for the Teacher Education Institution”. Our teacher attaches to the new curriculum reforms and act as his or her map on the curriculum implementation journey and these usually determine the success of the education reforms. One faculty member is the member of Board of Studies. Our faculty members are also attached to the new curriculum reform to the University.