Facilities - Academic-Facilities - Social-Outreach-Program-(SOP)
In the ‘Social Outreach Programme (SOP)’/‘Community Outreach Programme (COP)’ the students take part in different programmes like (i) Survey in our Locality (ii) Blood Donation Camp (iii) Cleaning of the College (iv) Cleaning of the Ward in which the College is Situated (v) Distribution of Fruits to Physically Challenged Student of Haripada Biswas Pratibandhi Vidyalaya (vi) Plantation (vii) Visit to Haripada Biswas Pratibandhi Vidyalaya for Action Research etc.

Objectives of the System:

G. C. M. College - a temple of learning, along with its excellence in academics, sports and cultural activities has created a landmark for itself in reaching out to the underprivileged, destitute and morally and socially affected members of the society. All the disciples of this temple of learning are working with a mission to help these members and has undertaken many noteworthy tasks.

The different NGO’s organized seminar on social awareness programme. These programmes are very much fruitful. Through this awareness programme, it is possible to educate and create awareness among the student-teachers about the social problems.

Along with all these programmes the scale at which all these activities are conducted has succeeded in creating a buzz among the social activities and many leading NGO's in and around West Bengal. We are all working with a mission of bringing a significant change in our neighbourhood and society at large.