Library - About Library

Shiyali Ramamrita Ranganathan
(9 August 1892 – 27 September 1972)

S. R. Ranganathan Library was started along with the establishment of the College in 1967 in order to cater the academic and research needs of the faculty, research scholars, students, officers and non-teaching staff. Since then, the volume of the Library is increasing and at present the library contains a large number of text books, reference books, journals, encyclopaedias, e-documents etc. It is one of the best-equipped libraries of Education in the West Bengal.

The College is proud of its library system. Library is one of the central facilities used by all types of members on request of the Librarian.

Library Facilities:

The Library is housed in a three-storied building on the campus and situated at the second floor. Its shelf space and working space total 1200 sq. ft. (approx). There is a reading room along with the arrangements of 25 readers at a time.


At present, the Library has over 15,500 (Fifteen thousand five hundred) volumes of books on record, 10,000 (Ten thousand) e-resources i.e. College Virtual Library, 1,20,000 e-Books and e-Journals access through N-LIST Mission by INFLIBNET, bound volumes of journals and non-book materials.

Centre for Digital Library:

Digital Library has been established in September 2010. Digital Library Management Software D-space, developed by MIT, USA and Hewlett Packard (HP) has been installed. It is an open source software and has been customized to suit our requirements. D-space accepts all forms of digital materials including text, images, video and audio files.


Publications entitled ’Know Your Library
                                 ’Journals and Databases

It’s a brief profile contain the information about the rules of the library and other guides to users etc. are made available to all users. These serve as guidelines for user orientation programme.

The Library Hours are as Follows:

Monday to Friday     10.00 A.M. to 5.30 P.M.
Saturday                     10.00 A.M. to 4.00 P.M.

* The library will remain closed according to the list of holidays (College).

* The above mentioned timings are subject to change from time to time which will be notified on the notice board.


• All categories of members except the short-term users (on special permission) are entitled to borrow books from the Library. SOUL 2.0 Network Version is utilized in library automation. Databases of books are created and being updated. Facilities for searching Databases through OPAC, Internet and Intranet are also available to all users. OPAC services are available.

• For reference books, students are advised to consult the reading room of the Reference Section which is in the second floor. For consulting, the bound volumes of journal, there are separate corner in the reading rooms.

• All students are provided with the Xerox/Scan facilities of the relevant portion of the books and journals etc. available in the library. Searching Online Journals (e-Journals), Databases, e-Books and Internet Facilities, Book Bank Facilities are available in the Library.

• Other important services of Library include Inter library loan, indexing and abstracting, current awareness, reference and information service, book exhibitions etc.

• Digitization of rare texts is being initiated.

Library Automation:

• The Library has been taking the appropriate steps to computerize the library's house-keeping operations. The work related to ‘Retrospective Conversion’ of library collections is in progress.

• The ‘Retrospective Conversion’ is the conversion of the library catalogue from manual to machine in readable form according to policies and standards prescribed by the UGC-INFLIBNET, Government of India.

• We have introduced the Bar-coding system in our library. The bar-coding system is ongoing process.

• RFID Tag is being initiated to protect the book thereof.